Why Vertec?

Vertec’s core principle is to provide quality at a competitive cost. This is achieved through collaboration with various partners and OEM who has established track records and references. The lean and knowledgeable set up will enhance the execution and response of our services. 


Vertec targets only certain profile of buildings and offer products which has references in Singapore imported by established brands…


Man fingers setting cost button on minimum position. Concept image for illustration of cost management.
Vertec is set up with very lean workforce to ensure that the overhead costs is kept to the minimum, to provide quality at a competitive costs…

Open Control System

Vertec adopts open control system where owner can esaily find parts and control system direct from OEM…

About The Founder

Alvin Chow
Alvin Chow

At only 33 years of age, Alvin Chow Jiewei is a veteran in the elevator industry. His company, Vertec, specialises in the supply, installation, testing & commissioning and maintenance of elevators, alongside an array of related services. “Lifts go by the capacity required and the number of levels in a building,” he explains. “That directly determines what kind of lifts are suitable . . . Read more

” The good side to being small, he says, is that he is able to offer his clients more cost-effective products and services without comprising quality and safety. “

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